Steps to Achieving CRP Certification

The Certified Reliability Professional (CRP) program is a professional certification program for reliability engineers. It has been designed to distinguish professionals who have gained and successfully demonstrated unquestionable expertise in the field of reliability engineering.

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The program consists of three activities: Learn, Apply and Present. Each activity earns points toward achieving certification (called "CRP credits").
All requirements (40 credits) must be completed within a 5-year span.

Learn - CRP Course Requirement (20 Credits)

20 of the 40 CRP credits must be earned through completion of eligible training courses. In order to assure that all Certified Reliability Professionals possess the minimum required skills for performing reliability-related work, a minimum core curriculum is required. Each candidate may select the remaining courses based on personal interest or the requirements of his/her organization.

Course Requirement Guidelines...

Apply - CRP Project Requirement (15 Credits)

15 of the 40 CRP credits must be earned through a project that demonstrates the candidate's ability to apply the learned body of knowledge in a way that will benefit his/her company. The project consists of three stages:

  • Project Proposal - the project proposal will be submitted to the CRP Board for preliminary approval and a Project Mentor will be assigned.
  • Mid-Way Status Report - at a mid-way point, a status report will be submitted for review and feedback from the Project Mentor.
  • Final Report - when the project is completed, a final report will be submitted for review and approval by the CRP Board.

Project Guidelines and Required Forms...

Present - CRP Presentation Requirement (5 Credits)

5 of the 40 CRP credits must be earned by publishing a paper or delivering a presentation in an industry conference or journal. The paper/presentation must demonstrate the candidate's experience from completing the CRP project.

Presentation Guidelines...

Opportunities for Certifying Groups of Engineers

If you are an Engineering Manager interested in having large groups of engineers certified at the same time, please contact us to discuss your particular needs and develop a plan of action. We can assist you in ways that range from scheduling convenient and cost-effective on-site seminars to developing a required curriculum plan that will meet your organization's specific objectives. For example, if your organization is focused on certain, more specialized, aspects of reliability, such as Design for Reliability (DFR) or maintainability, we can work with your team to develop a detailed schedule of recommended courses to better suit those specific needs while still ensuring that all requirements for CRP certification are met.

Tracking and Publicizing Your Certification

The CRP program uses a web-based system to manage and track your progress toward certification. When you enroll in the program, you will receive a unique CRP Number to identify and allow you to access your account. When you have completed all program requirements, and if you have given permission for the CRP program to publicize your achievement, a record of your certification will be published on the CRP website.

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