Certified Reliability Professionals

CRPs are professionals who have gained and successfully demonstrated unquestionable expertise in the field of reliability engineering. Below is a list of professionals who have completed all program requirements.

Current CRPs
CRP Number[Filter]
Date Certified[Filter]
CRP Recipient Aal, Andreas159471/20/2010
CRP Recipient Abdenur, Luiz Otávio161585/31/2015
CRP Recipient Albani Junior, Severino173118/12/2017
CRP Recipient Ali, Mohammed1639610/2/2017
CRP Recipient Al-shabrawi, Ahmed168249/28/2015
CRP Recipient Amorim, Nathanael 1591211/23/2009
CRP Recipient Andersson, Peder157408/25/2010
CRP Recipient Andrade, André Luiz166956/13/2016
CRP Recipient Araújo, Erick155846/23/2009
CRP Recipient Ary, Thiago163535/27/2013
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CRP Number
Date Certified
Aal, Andreas159471/20/2010
Abdenur, Luiz Otávio161585/31/2015
Albani Junior, Severino173118/12/2017
Ali, Mohammed1639610/2/2017
Al-shabrawi, Ahmed168249/28/2015
Amorim, Nathanael 1591211/23/2009
Andersson, Peder157408/25/2010
Andrade, André Luiz166956/13/2016
Araújo, Erick155846/23/2009
Ary, Thiago163535/27/2013
Ataulo, Rodrigo164455/31/2015
Azevedo, Eduardo1590111/23/2009
BARROS, PABLO158245/28/2012
Biben, Wolfgang162454/29/2015
Botelho, Alexandre156429/29/2009
Bradley, Charles1604011/13/2014
Calixto, Eduardo1557712/6/2006
Candeloro, Lucas169516/1/2015
Cao, Dingzhou163305/25/2012
Cardoso Jr., Jaures158994/14/2015

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